Ftp – Remote desktop is slow when connecting to a computer which is part of a domain


We have two windows 2003 machines, one is a DC and another is joined to the domain of the DC. These machines are not locally available to us so we have to remote desktop into them. When we first got the machines remote desktop was blazing as the machines are only a couple of miles away. I then installed AD and setup routing and remote access, I also setup DNS on the DC. Now when I try remote Desktop into the machine which is part of the domain (not the DC) it is painfully slow! Remote Desktop onto the DC is also noticeably slower! Another problem is that our FTP to the DC has also become slow. I don't know what other information I can provide, as I am new to Sys Admin (moving over from development).

The speed should be fast as these machines are only a couple of miles away. Any help / suggestions is greatly appreciated!


Best Answer

What do you mean "slow" ? Is it during the logon process (if so, what part exactly) or once you're on the desktop and using the machine ? Have you performed even a basic network route diagnostic ? Are the machine fast when you are at the console ? What's the network topology you're going through ?