How to combine blocks of unallocated space to make a new, larger partition


I'm trying to create a new partition on my Vista laptop. Unfortunately, Lenovo put on a fairly large partition after my main C: I want to free up space from both the C: and Q: drives and somehow combine them to have a 23Gb partition, rather than limiting myself to a 15Gb one.

Is there a way to combine the unallocated chunks into one larger partition? If I have to I can nuke the Q: partition but I would prefer not to.

Best Answer

I would personally avoid PartitionMagic. I feel it has gone downhill since Norton acquired it oh so many years ago. My preference these days is Acronis Disk Director [1].

This basic process should work;

Shrink C drive by the extra free space you need. Move the Lenovo partition to the front or back of the free space. Make partition in new contiguous free space. '

I know this can be done with Disk Director.