How to set up a nameserver to process ALL DNS requests


Is there any way I can set up a nameserver to process ALL DNS requests that come to my server and pass them on to backend servers regardless of whether I have a DNS entry for the target domain?

For example, even if I don't have a DNS entry for, as long as a request for comes to my server, it gets processed.

Currently, I have a a server running bind, which resolves all requests to its own IP. I have a load-balancer set up which forwards all the HTTP requests to one of many back-end servers. All my backend servers run apache2. Right now, I also have DNS entries on ALL my backend servers for all the domains I want them to process (because they're my backup nameservers). But I'm adding new domains all the time and don't want to add more DNS entries to ALL my servers each time each time I add a new domain…

I just want to get around having to add any DNS entries at all. ANY method of doing this would be appreciated.


Best Answer

If you have a primary and set of "backup" nameservers, then why aren't you using DNS zone transfers (possibly with notification) to ensure that when you add an entry on the master DNS, the secondaries pick it up immediately?

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