IIS returns 302 when not on local host


I am working on an asp.net page that handles paypal IPNs (instant payment notification).

For those who don't know how IPNs work, I'll explain. When some kind of transaction occurs on paypals servers, paypal will send a POST message back to a certain page on my server. If customer A uses paypal, paypal lets us know so we can keep records of transactions that don't actually occur on our machines.

My box has proper port forwarding. Paypay sends data to http://www.companyurl.com:2343/ProcessPaypal.ashx, where port 2343 redirects to my box running IIS. This set up was working fine yesterday. Today, however, I stopped getting any of my test IPNs.

Running wireshark, it looks like my box is receiving those IPNs, but returning 302s that look like this: http://www.companyurl.com/ProcessPaypal.ashx (notice the lack of a port number).

My question is this: is there a way to tell my computer not to 302 the IPNs and just process them like it should? As far as I know I didn't change any config files. Also, I can access these pages fine on local host.

Best Answer

if you were developing on that box, you may have left a debug session open. We had this exact issue about a week ago.