Ldap – $_SERVER[‘REMOTE_USER’] not found using LDAP SSO


Am trying to use the SSO LDAP module on Drupal. The LDAP authentication for Drupal works fine (people can login using their AD credentials on Drupal and be logged in, the test system also returns relevant AD credentials such as email addresses).

However the SSO fails to work. On the front end I get an error message saying 'You were not authenticated by the server'.

Checking the Drupal error logs I get the error $_SERVER['REMOTE_USER'] not found

I'm not particularly comfortable around server settings and things, so appreciate any help I can get. Doing a google search of the problem didn't seem to match my problem.

For the technical specifications:

I'm using mod_auth_sspi to authenticate
The server is an Apache server running on Windows.
I'm using Uniform Server 8.1.2 which uses PHP 5.3.10 and Apache 2.2.22

Thank you for any help.

Best Answer

LDAP SSO expects mod_auth_sspi to set the REMOTE_USER server variable with the name of the authenticated user, but apparently it's not doing that.

The mod_auth_sspi wiki says you should add


to your mod_jk configuration. You could put it anywhere in your Apache configuration. Then reload Apache.

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