Ldap – OS X Server NFS home directory mount options


we are running a couple of OS X clients in an open directory OS X server environment with home directories provide via NFS.

The auto_home script allows to mount the home folder of the
user without changing the client, the directory util has two fields to setup the correct NFS mount:

NFSHomeDirectory: /home/testuser
HomeDirectory: <home_dir><url>nfs://SERVERNAME/Volumes/RAID/Users/testuser</url><path></path></home_dir>

On the clients the home directory is mounted and used correctly,

nfsstat -m


 NFS parameters: vers=3,tcp,port=2049,nomntudp,hard,nointr,noresvport,negnamecache,callumnt,locks,quota,rsize=32768,wsize=32768,readahead=16,dsize=32768,nordirplus,nodumbtimr,timeo=10,maxgroups=16,acregmin=5,acregmax=60,acdirmin=5,acdirmax=60,nomutejukebox,nonfc,sec=sys

which seems to use the OS X default NFS mount parameters.

Is there any way to configure those?

I'd like to change them to handle locks locally only and some other finetuning, but I don't find the correct way to configure the mount parameters.

Best Answer

You should be able to configure the default mount options that automountd applies using the AUTOMOUNTD_MNTOPTS option in /etc/autofs.conf.

Alternatively, for just the home directory mounts, you can add options to the auto_home map in /etc/auto_master.