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I have been tasked with starting to monitor and restrict our companies internet access. We have considered a Squid Proxy server but have decided we need something more robust then that. We would like many of the features commonly available on Packeteer products such as shaping, a web based GUI, and compression but truthfully we simple can't afford there often outrageous pricing. We have reviewed Cisco's option as well but it is equally cost restrictive. Does anyone have any suggestions for a cheaper manufacture or provider of this type of equipment? We would be looking at filtering a pipe between 25-40MB (Tiered T3).

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I would recommend MasterShaper . It has shaping, a web interface, is open source and has other features. It doesn't have compression.

In my former company (Internet Service Provider with a large base of users), we replaced a Packeteer PacketShaper with MasterShaper server and it works fine with traffic around 100 Mbps and thousand of connections at the same time. It's not the same as a hardware solution but maybe will fulfill your requirements.

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