Poor write performance with HP ProLiant ML 150 Gen9


Transferring large files from one drive (USB or SATA to RAID) in my HP ProLiant ML150 Gen9 is slow. At the beginning we were thinking about the B140i controller – a pseudo-raid controller without any memory cache.

This is the original B140i performance and the improvement after upgrading to smart array p440/4gbFWC.


Raid configuration is RAID 10 with 4 x SSD 500GB drives on both cases.

Although improved, the problem was still present: When transferring large files, speed drops dramatically after a couple of minutes, from 400 MB /S and remains at 6-7 MB/s till the end of the transfer:

I tried without success:

  • Clean install of Windows 2012R2

  • Clean install of Windows 2019

  • Upgraded all firmware and drivers of using the latest ProLiant Service Pack

This is perfomance while copying a file from P440/4GB volume to the same volume:

enter image description here

Now machine is running 3 VM with only 18% of free memory. Older tests was done without any VM running.

Best Answer

In HP Smart Storage Administrator: Active Writing Cache on the drive