Ssh – How to backup large directory from linux server to windows machine


Up until now ive been using FTP to connect to the server and copy the files to my local machine but the directory has grown 3gb in the past few weeks and it usually takes 40mins to copy 100mb so FTP is no longer an option for this.

What is the quickest way to transfer a directory with all sub direcctories from a remote linux server to a local windows 7 machine. I have ssh and root access to the server

I followed the guide of the top answer and it worked great. I made sure rsync was installed on the server then installed rsync for cygwin. i then used the command to sync the contents of apaches www folder to my c drive on windows 7

Best Answer

my choice has been installing cygwin with rsync/ssh and run rsync command.

Also in my case i have enabled cronjob with cygwin and run those sync overnight/weekend, where i backup otherway i.e. windows server data to linux.