Ssh – How to setup a public rsync and sftp server


I want to setup a public storage server which allows sftp and rsync (through ssh). I've got it working with a chroot jail and rssh. When the user connects to the server with sftp he can read all the files in the chroot jail (like /lib and /bin) in the chroot. Likewise with rsync (rsync --list-only user@server:/). I would like to have a setup where to user can only view and not leave his home directory.

An additional requirement is that the I don't want to setup a chroot environment for each user.

I already tried the chrootdirectory and forcecommand statements in sshd_config which works great for sftp but does not allow any rsync.

Best Answer

for the sftp part you might look at the directives Subsystem sftp internal-sftp together with ChrootDirectory in the sshd_config.