Unable to ping between ESXi host and Netapp storage on the same switch


I am unable to ping between ESXi host and Netapp controller that are both connected on the same switch and configured for private IP addresses. Yet I CAN ping between 2 Esxi hosts and between 2 controllers on the same switch using the same IP addresses. The switches are configured to uplink to a Juniper core. Not sure why I am unable to have connectivity between the two.

Any thoughts?

Best Answer

As soon as you can ping the ESX server from the Netapp, you should be able to configure NFS. I'd start by validating that the network is correctly configured on the Netapp. What does an ifconfig -a show you? What about rdfile /etc/rc?

Your IP address on the NAS can be bound to a physical interface or an interface group with the ifconfig command. The ifgrp create command lets you create interface groups.