Windows – PowerEdge T110 ii and PERC H200 battery?


I'm confused.

I have a PowerEdge T110 ii server with a PERC S100 card, sad to say, the S100 does not have drivers for Windows 2012 R2, Dell recommends you upgrade your PERC card or forget about the RAID on the server.

Looking up the compatible PERC cards for the server, the PERC H200 seems to fit nicely, but apparently it doesn't have a battery for write caching or so most of the sites I looked up say, not having a battery for the card causes the disks performance to go very bad.

By chance, I found "Cable for PERC H200 Controller for T110 II Chassis – Kit" and the overview reads the following:

enter image description here

Now I'm very confused, does the H200 support a battery for caching or not?


Best Answer

Yup, the information in the page is wrong.

Contacted Dell directly, and here is their answer:

No, the H200 does not have cache or use a battery.

The description on that sales page is wrong. If you look at the technical specs that is a SAS cable. It is the cable that connects from the H200 to the backplane. The description is for a battery cable, but the part is actually an H200 SAS cable for a backplane.

The H200 is the top controller for a T110 II. There is not a supported controller option that has cache memory. The H700/H710/PERC 6 controllers that have cache are quite expensive. The T110 is an entry level server and we designed it to function with lower end RAID controllers that are more cost effective. The higher end PERCs are validated for the T310 and higher for 11th generation tower servers.