C++ – Add Library to Visual Studio 2008 C++ Project


I'm completely new to Visual Studio and I'm having some trouble getting a project started with Visual Studio 2008. I'm experimenting with MAPI, and I'm getting error messages like this when I go to build the project:

"unresolved external symbol _MAPIUninitialize@0 referenced in function _main"

I know I need to link to MAPI32.lib, but the guides I have found thus far have indicated going to the "Visual Studio settings link tab" and adding it there (which was – apparently – from an older version of Visual Studio). I can't find anything like that in the project properties linker or C/C++ sections of VS 2008.

Where do I need to tell Visual Studio to use that library?


Best Answer

It's under Project Properties / Configuration Properties / Linker / Input / Additional Dependencies.

The help tip at the bottom of the screen says "Specifies additional items add to the line line (ex: kernel32.lib)".

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