C# – ‘Design By Contract’ in C#


I wanted to try a little design by contract in my latest C# application and wanted to have syntax akin to:

public string Foo()
    set {
        _foo = value;

I know I can get static methods like this from a unit test framework, but I wanted to know if something like this was already built-in to the language or if there was already some kind of framework floating around. I can write my own Assert functions, just don't want to reinvent the wheel.

Best Answer

C# 4.0 Code Contracts

Microsoft has released a library for design by contract in version 4.0 of the .net framework. One of the coolest features of that library is that it also comes with a static analysis tools (similar to FxCop I guess) that leverages the details of the contracts you place on the code.

Here are some Microsoft resources:

Here are some other resources:

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