C# – How to set/change/remove focus style on a Button in C#


I have a couple of buttons of which I modified how they look. I have set them as flat buttons with a background and a custom border so they look all pretty and nothing like normal buttons anymore (actually, they look like Office 2003 buttons now ;-). The buttons have a border of one pixel.

However when the button gets selected (gets the focus through either a click or a keyboard action like pressing the tab key) the button suddenly gets and extra border around it of the same colour, so making it a two pixel border. Moreover when I disable the one pixel border, the button does not get a one pixel border on focus.

On the net this question is asked a lot like 'How can I disable focus on a Button', but that's not what I want: the focus should still exist, just not display in the way it does now.

Any suggestions? 🙂

Best Answer

Is this the effect you are looking for?

public class NoFocusCueButton : Button
    protected override bool ShowFocusCues
            return false;

You can use this custom button class just like a regular button, but it won't give you an extra rectangle on focus.

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