C# – Linq to XML – update/alter the nodes of an XML Document


I've got 2 Questions:

I've sarted working around with Linq to XML and i'm wondering if it is possible to change an XML document via Linq. I mean, is there someting like

XDocument xmlDoc = XDocument.Load("sample.xml");

update item in xmlDoc.Descendants("item")
where (int)item .Attribute("id") == id

I already know how to create and add a new XMLElement by simply using

xmlDoc.Element("items").Add(new XElement(......);

but how can I remove a single entry?

XML sample data:

  <item id="1" name="sample1" info="sample1 info" web="" />
  <item id="2" name="sample2" info="sample2 info" web="" />

Best Answer

thank you for your answer. everything works fine.

just as completition to my questions the code below shows how to modify a single entry:

string xml = @"<data><record id='1' info='sample Info'/><record id='2' info='sample Info'/><record id='3' info='sample Info'/></data>";
StringReader sr = new StringReader(xml);
XDocument d = XDocument.Load(sr);

d.Descendants("record").Where(x => x.Attribute("id").Value == "2").Single().SetAttributeValue("info", "new sample info");
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