C# – Modifying .resx file in C#


I have a .resx file that contains name-value pairs (both strings). Now I want to modify the values in certain name-value pairs programmatically using C#. How can I achieve that?

Best Answer

There's a whole namespace for resource management: System.Resources. Check out the ResourceManager class, as well as ResXResourceReader and ResXResourceWriter.


I managed to lay my hands on a very old debug method that I used to use at one point when I was testing some resource related stuff. This should do the trick for you.

public static void UpdateResourceFile(Hashtable data, String path)
        Hashtable resourceEntries = new Hashtable();

        //Get existing resources
        ResXResourceReader reader = new ResXResourceReader(path);
        if (reader != null)
            IDictionaryEnumerator id = reader.GetEnumerator();
            foreach (DictionaryEntry d in reader)
                if (d.Value == null)
                    resourceEntries.Add(d.Key.ToString(), "");
                    resourceEntries.Add(d.Key.ToString(), d.Value.ToString());

        //Modify resources here...
        foreach (String key in data.Keys)
            if (!resourceEntries.ContainsKey(key))

                String value = data[key].ToString();
                if (value == null) value = "";

                resourceEntries.Add(key, value);

        //Write the combined resource file
            ResXResourceWriter resourceWriter = new ResXResourceWriter(path);

            foreach (String key in resourceEntries.Keys)
                resourceWriter.AddResource(key, resourceEntries[key]);