C# – Use CouchDB with .NET


Can .NET (managed code) read and write to CouchDB?

I would like to build a part of my project that does document management using CouchDB

Best Answer

Its a late answer, but do check out Hammock. It's active and going into production use on several projects soon and is receiving regular updates and fixes. Besides basic object persistence, Hammock gives you:

  • True POCO. You don't even need an 'id' property; Hammock tracks that internally.
  • Robust support for views, including an easy to use fluent API that both generates AND executes views, and support for creating custom map/reduce views.
  • Attachments support.
  • A generic Repository<> class that helps bring your queries/views (i.e. _Design doc) together with your c# application code. Repositories are responsible for maintaining _design docs, and this helps keep CouchDB views from feeling like stored procs.
  • A full unit test suite. This is not prototype software.