Css – n alternative to CSS


Is there a style sheet formatting language alternative to CSS? Or is CSS the current single language for doing Style Sheet formatting type things?

I looked at the write up of CSS on Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cascading_Style_Sheets) and a few other comments about CSS and became discouraged about the lack of full support for CSS in the different Layout engines, so I am just curious if there is an alternative or I must learn to also use CSS filters.

Thanks for any insights.

Best Answer

You guys are all trying to answer the question from a programmer's perspective. I think the original poster was looking for an alternative which is more graphic-friendly - one that would offer a different concept.

Even if CSS3 gets adopted cross browser, I believe that the CSS way of laying out stuff (inline box, floats, margins, etc) is awful. I am a programmer, but my father is a graphic designer, and I am pretty sure that the layout software they were using 20 years was in some aspects easier and more advanced than CSS.