Eclipse – How to setup subversion with ssh tunnel in Eclipse


I have a remote server that hosts my subversion repository on a non-standard ssh port. I want to use Eclipse's subclipse plugin as my client end to access the SVN repository. I can access the repository fine by using svn+specialssh://… where specialssh is a tunnel profile setup in my ~/.subversion/config.

In subclipse I tried to input the URL of the repository as: svn+specialssh:// but that doesn't work.

Best Answer

First, I set up my tunnel to my repository, which lives behind the firewall on my home network:

ssh -L 9000: root@<mypublicallyexposedaddress> is the internal address of my repository host. Port 3690 is where svn listens.

Then in Eclipse, I configure the repository:


And there you go. This is not the only way to do it. I've also use an approach where Eclipse has to know it's ssh, and the plugin has to support it, which they do, but this approach is just my personal preference.

On second thought, you don't need anything that complicated. Try: