Eclipse – Painless integration of Eclipse with Vim


Has anyone managed to get Vim integrated into Eclipse painlessly? I just want to use Vim for the editor while retaining the general Eclipse interface. I have tried using Eclim plugin but the editor seemed to crash more often than work (the site said that the editor replacement functionality is still beta).

On the flip side, is there any IDE which matches Eclipse's functionality—mainly the integration with SVN, ant, etc.—and is also able to use Vim?

I mostly use eclipse for SAS SCL, Java and Javascript programming and find the eclipse editor too "mouse-y".

I'd also like, in a perfect world, to use vimdiff as a diff viewer for SVN (we use TortoiseSVN) while checking for diffs or conflicts during merge etc. I admit I havent spent a lot of time trying to get these things to work. I feel guilty about spending too much time on potential wild-goose-chases while my other team members are working away at their code, perfectly content with all that Eclipse has to offer.

Edit: Just found this while desperately browsing around: Vim plugin. Any experience using this? From the claims on the site, it sounds perfect.

Best Answer

I've been using Vrapper for about 2 months and it works great. It is simple to install, and makes life much easier.

It doesn't integrate Vim with Eclipse, it just emulates Vim's behaviour so you don't need to have Vim installed.


I have been experiencing errors while refactoring methods in Eclipse (only when Vrapper was installed) so I stopped using it.

Now I'm using ViPlugin (very similar to vrapper). It works great (especially since version 2.0) and I recommend it, but it is not free (but cheap and has a trial version)


As the new post mentioned, if we always use the rename dialog to rename, it can be a work around for Varpper.

Preferences > Java > and uncheck "Rename in editor without dialog"