How to get an Batch file .bat continue onto the next statement if there is an error


I'm trying to script the shutdown of my VM Servers in a .bat.
if one of the vmware-cmd commands fails (as the machine is already shutdown say), I'd like it to continue instead of bombing out.

cd "c:\Program Files\VMWare\VmWare Server"

vmware-cmd C:\VMImages\TCVMDEVSQL01\TCVMDEVSQL01.vmx suspend soft -q
vmware-cmd C:\VMImages\DevEnv\DevEnv\DevEnv.vmx suspend soft -q
vmware-cmd C:\VMImages\DevEnv\TCVMDEV02\TCVMDEV02.vmx suspend soft =q

robocopy c:\vmimages\ \\tcedilacie1tb\VMShare\DevEnvironmentBackups\ /mir /z /r:0 /w:0

vmware-cmd C:\VMImages\TCVMDEVSQL01\TCVMDEVSQL01.vmx start
vmware-cmd C:\VMImages\DevEnv\DevEnv\DevEnv.vmx start 
vmware-cmd C:\VMImages\DevEnv\TCVMDEV02\TCVMDEV02.vmx start

Best Answer

Run it inside another command instance with CMD /C

CMD /C vmware-cmd C:\...

This should keep the original BAT files running.