How to keep track of your programming TODOs?


I'm one of those people who can't get anything done without a to-do list. If it isn't on the list it doesn't exist.

Notepad Method:

When I'm programming I've been keeping notepad open with a list of to-do's for my current project. I'll constantly re-arrange these based off priority and I cross them off and move them to the completed section when I'm finished with that particular task.

Code Comments:

Some programmers pepper their projects source code with:

// TODO: Fix this completely atrocious code before anyone sees it

Plus, I know that there are some tools that show you a list of all TODOs in your code as well.

Website Task Tracker:

What have you found to be the best method of keeping track of your to-do lists for multiple projects?

Best Answer

Like others, I pepper them about my code, but I use the warning directive to generate a compiler warning too:

#warning TODO: Implement foobar

This way I can still search for "TODO" but they also shout at me whenever I build.