How to unsupress local echo


I am trying to suppress the local echo of a password in a telnet session by sending 0xFF 0xFD 0x2D (IAC DO SUPPRESS_LOCAL_ECHO). This works fine.

My trouble is enabling the local echo after the password. I am sending 0xFF 0xFE 0x2D (IAC DONT SUPPRESS_LOCAL_ECHO). But I don't see any of my commands that I type afterwards.

I am using the MS Telnet program to connect.

The IAC is describe here.

The Suppress Local Echo is defined here

Best Answer

During your telnet sessions in telnet.exe you can pop up the telnet prompt by pressing Ctrl + ]

After that, type "set localecho" or "unset localecho" to switch localecho on or off.

Press Enter to return to your telnet session.