Html – Jquery Multiple load in a DIV


Here is my code:

$('#right').load('textes.html #nicolas');
$('#right').load('textes.html #antoine');

The problem is that the content of the div antoine overwrites the content loaded by the div nicolas in the right div

div #right : load div nicolas from file textes.html = ok
div #right : load div antoine from file textes.html = overwrite content = No!

I'd like to append antoine to nicolas. This is to add nicolas and then add antoine so #right will be nicolas + antoine

I have tried to get the content into a var but it didn't work.

Any idea ?

On top of that… I would like to add a rule <hr> BETWEEN each load

Maybe something like this, but this doesn't work.

$('#right').load('textes.shtml #nicolas').append('<hr>').load('textes.shtml #antoine'); return false;

Best Answer

Maybe I'm missing something but it seems like you all have been missing the fact that this is an ajax call and you are calling functions procedurally and not as a callback function based on a successful ajax response.

Besides, if you are doing anything more complex than loading some (X)HTML into an element, you should probably use one of the more powerful jQuery ajax methods (i.e., get() or post() or ajax()).

Assuming you'll get (X)HTML in the response:

// Only ONE ajax call and very simply parsing... 
$.get('textes.html', {}, function(data) {
    var $response = $('<div />').html(data);
    var $nicolas = $response.find('#nicolas')
    var $antoine = $response.find('#antoine');

It's really as simple as that.