How to write javadoc links


How do I write links into javadocs?

Currently, I have something like:

{@link java.lang.Math#sqrt(double) Math.sqrt}

to produce the text Math.sqrt that should link to the java.lang.Math.sqrt(double) API, however, all it does is produce the text, no link.

Best Answer

My answer is very much provided by Eddie, but his exact code doesn't work for me (or at least when using the version of javadoc that comes with Java 1.6)

If I do:

    javadoc -linkoffline 

then javadoc complains:

    javadoc: warning - Error fetching URL:

If, on the other hand, I do:

    javadoc -linkoffline 

Then it works, and my links are populated as I want them to be.

Additionally, my link isn't malformed. The text {@link java.lang.Math#sqrt(double) Math.sqrt} produces the link text Math.sqrt instead of the default Math.sqrt(double).