Java – Putting JComboBox into JTable


I want to put individual JComboBoxes into each cells of a JTable. ie. The JComboBox content is not identical for each cell.

I basically would like to be able to just call the following code to add a row of JComboBox into the JTable. Anyone has any idea? Thanks

JComboBox cb1 = new JComboBox(...);
JComboBox cb2 = new JComboBox(...);
model.addRow(new Object[] {"Row name", cb1, cb2} );

JComboBox cb3 = new JComboBox(...);
JComboBox cb4 = new JComboBox(...);
model.addRow(new Object[] {"Row name 2", cb3, cb4} );

The closest example code I can find is as follows. But it is for where JComboBox content is identical for the individual column. Not the solution I need.

TableColumn col = table.getColumnModel().getColumn(vColIndex);
col.setCellEditor(new MyComboBoxEditor(values));


public class MyComboBoxEditor extends DefaultCellEditor {
    public MyComboBoxEditor(String[] items) {
        super(new JComboBox(items));

Best Answer

Extend JTable with this code:

public TableCellEditor getCellEditor(int row, int column) {
   Object value = super.getValueAt(row, column);
   if(value != null) {
      if(value instanceof JComboBox) {
           return new DefaultCellEditor((JComboBox)value);
            return getDefaultEditor(value.getClass());
   return super.getCellEditor(row, column);

This will create a unique JComboBox cell editor for each combo box you get the a value for.

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