Java SWIFT Library


I'm looking for a Java library for SWIFT messages. I want to

  • parse SWIFT messages into an object model
  • validate SWIFT messages (including SWIFT network validation rules)
  • build / change SWIFT messages by using an object model

Theoretically, I need to support all SWIFT message types. But at the moment I need MT103+, MT199, MT502, MT509, MT515 and MT535.

So far I've looked at two libraries

Both libraries allow to accomplish the tasks mentioned above but in both cases I'm not really happy.

AnaSys uses a internal XML representation for all SWIFT messages which you need to know in order to access the fields of a message. And you need to operate on the DOM of the XML representation, there is no way to say "get the contents of field '50K' of the SWIFT message".

And the Datamation library seems to have the nicer API but does not find all errors.

So does anyone know other SWIFT libraries to use?

Best Answer

Have you looked at WIFE? We use that in our application which translates SWIFT messages to an internal XML format and back again. We haven't had any problems with it. Also, it's licensed under the LGPL, so you can hack it up if you need to. Check it out.