Java: Text to Speech engines overview


I'm now in search for a Java Text to Speech (TTS) framework. During my investigations I've found several JSAPI1.0-(partially)-compatible frameworks listed on JSAPI Implementations page, as well as a pair of Java TTS frameworks which do not appear to follow JSAPI spec (Mary, Say-It-Now). I've also noted that currently no reference implementation exists for JSAPI.

Brief tests I've done for FreeTTS (first one listed in JSAPI impls page) show that it is far from reading simple and obvious words (examples: ABC, blackboard). Other tests are currently in progress.

And here goes the question (6, actually):

  1. Which of the Java-based TTS frameworks have you used?
  2. Which ones, by your opinion, are capable of reading the largest wordbase?
  3. What about their voice quality?
  4. What about their performance?
  5. Which non-Java frameworks with Java bindings are there on the scene?
  6. Which of them would you recommend?

Thank you in advance for your comments and suggestions.

Best Answer

I've actually had pretty good luck with FreeTTS