Javascript – __doPostback – calling code behind events from JavaScript


I wish to call a method in my code behind from JavaScript, I sort of know how to do it.. I must call __DoPostBack passing name of control and parameters..

But what if an event doesn't exist i.e. NO CONTROL. Really what i am trying to do is call an event.. but the event doesn't exist as there is no control associated with it..

I sort of could do this:

If IsPostBack Then
       If Request(”__EVENTTARGET”).Trim() = “CleanMe” Then
       End If

But this means I must do it manually. Can I not wire up an event…. otherwise I will have loads of different IFs (i.e. If this passed then call this .. etc..).

Any ideas?


Best Answer

You may be able to use a PageMethod to call your codebehind function, here is a link to an example: