Javascript – ExtJs Vs Ext GWT Vs SmartGWT


I am going to start a new application which mainly consist NavigationPane, Grid, Toolbar. Layout should look like this demo page

I am quite confused which one to use in terms of writing less code, more performant, etc..
Could someone tell the pros and cons of all these technologies.

All the while I coded in javascript, so that way ExtJs seems to be the easy one for me to code. But I am curios to try GWT Ext, Is it true that it could do a lot just by writing few lines of java code.

For eg: To achieve the layout ( given in above gwt ext demo url), which one should I opt ExtJs or GWT Ext.

I read SmartGWT is relatively slower than GwtEXT. Does it have any advantage over GWT EXT. I am also looking for hibernate based data modules ( as my application is going to have many database calls). Anyone of SmartGWT or GWTExt has support for such modules. I came to know that smartgwt doesn't offer all of smartclient enterprise version functionalities, that we are allowed only a few of smartclient features. Will it be an issue?

Your response is highly appreciated.

Best Answer

The GWT-Ext main page now says

"GWT-Ext is no longer under active development and has been superseded by Smart GWT. Assistance will be provided to existing users of GWT-Ext looking to migrate to Smart GWT."

so why would anyone use it?

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