Javascript – Google Chrome Javascript Debugger and Content Scripts


This question has been asked similarly before, but I can't seem to debug Javascript in Google Chrome.

If I go to Page > Developer the "Debug Javascript" (Ctrl+Shift+L) is disabled. Alt + ` doesn't work.

I'm developing a 'content script' extension so I'm launching chrome with --enable-extensions.

What I'd ideally like to do is set breakpoints and step/run through my script as it executes. I'm a little over my head when it comes to JavaScript, so any guidance is appreciated.

I can get to the 'JavaScript Console,' but can't find the content scripts inside of that. I'm also not sure how that differs from the 'JavaScript Debugger.'

I'm using the latest Dev build of Chrome ( on Windows XP.

Best Answer

Put the following command in your script:


That will launch the Javascript debugger when it gets to that point