Javascript – ‘Object Expected’ Javascript error in IE8 when using prototype.js

internet explorerinternet-explorer-8javascriptobject-expectedprototypejs

function icPageInit()
    $("icImgDiv" + icAlternate()).setOpacity(0);
    return true;
window.onload = icPageInit;

This piece of Javascript code works fine in Firefox and Chrome, but fails with the error 'Object Expected' in Internet Explorer 8. IE8 says the error occurs on line 3 of the above code.

Does anyone know why this is happening, and/or how to get it working?

Best Answer

Figured it out.

Turns out Internet Explorer chokes if you use anything other than "javascript" in the language attribute of the script tag.

I was using version numbers appended onto javascript in the language attribute, which was causing IE not to load prototype.js.