.net – the best implementation for AOP in .Net?


There is a lot of AOP implementation in C#, VB.net. this is some of AOP Implementations:

What is the best implementation for AOP in .Net? What I should use?

Best Answer

I think that Castle Dynamic Proxy is the solution of choice if dynamic interception can handle your needs. This framework is used internally by a lot of other frameworks that want to offer AOP capabilities. Typically, most of existing IoC containers now provide some dynamic interception mechanisms (Spring.NET, Castle Windsor, StructureMap, etc.) If you already work with an IoC container, maybe it could be easier to look at what it proposes.

If dynamic interception can't address your needs (weaving sealed class, intercepting non-virtual call, etc.), then you certainly want static weaving. PostSharp is the reference in this domain.

Note that it also exists Linfu, that can be used to leverage both AOP fashions.