Php – CRUD for MySQL and PHP


I have to make some database requests with PHP on a MySQL database.

Question : What is the best (simpliest) framework to get thing done right CRUD (Create Read Update Delete)?

I also have to populate the database, what is a good tool to do that. The only one I know is SqlMyAdmin, wich does not look good. An online tool would be great.

Your experience is valuable: tell me what do you use and why ?

I have taken a look at CodeIgniter, looks nice, what do you think… overkill ?

Best Answer

For lots of operations (especially CRUD, which work out of the box once you've written the schema files), the ORM Framework Doctrine is really great.

If you want to go farther than just DB access, you might take a look at the PHP FRamework symfony, which provides an admin generator (there is even a screencast about that one). (And has great documentation, such as the jobeet tutorial) (BTW, symfony uses Doctrine as ORM ^^ )

But maybe it's a bit overkill (and requires a too big learning curve) if you need something simple...

To load data to MySQL, what about LOAD DATA INFILE, which (quote from the docs) "reads rows from a text file into a table at a very high speed".