Php – How to add exif data to an image

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On our site, we get a large amount of photos uploaded from various sources.

In order to keep the file sizes down, we strip all exif data from the source using mogrify:

mogrify -strip image.jpg

What we'd like to be able to do is to insert some basic exif data (Copyright Initrode, etc) back onto this new "clean" image, but I can't seem to find anything in the docs that would achieve this.

Has anybody any experience of doing this?

If it can't be done through imagemagick, a PHP-based solution would be the next best thing!


Best Answer

You can save a large amount of space, especially if you have a large number of images..

Add the following to text.txt (format of the IPTC tags taken from here):

2#110#Credit="My Company"
2#05#Object Name="THE_OBJECT_NAME"
2#55#Date Created="2011-02-03 12:45"
2#110#Credit="The CREDIT"
2#116#Copyright Notice="THE COPYRIGHT"
2#118#Contact="THE CONTACT"
2#120#Caption="AKA Title"

Strip all existing exif data from the image

mogrify -strip image.jpg

Add the credit to your image

mogrify -profile 8BIMTEXT:text.txt image.jpg