Php – How to debug PHP with netbeans and Xdebug


I have recently tried to get going with Netbeans 6.5 after it rated so highly in the IDE review by Smashing magazine.

My main reason for switching from Notepad++ is that I'd like to be able to debug my code and set through it.

I have followed the instructions about how to install xdebug from both the vendor and the netbeans web site. but to no avail.

How is it done, has anyone else got debugging working in netbeans?

(My setup is: Windows XP, Wamp server 2.0, PHP 5, Netbeans 6.5.1)

Best Answer

It's important to add this line in the php.ini:


Note: In NetBeans go to Settings and look where the xdebug stuff is set up. Look for that Session ID. In my case it was netbeans-xdebug.