Python – Django templates stripping spaces


I'm having trouble with Django templates and CharField models.

So I have a model with a CharField that creates a slug that replaces spaces with underscores. If I create an object, Somename Somesurname, this creates slug Somename_Somesurname and gets displayed as expected on the template.

However, if I create an object, Somename Somesurname (notice the second space), slug Somename__Somesurname is created, and although on the Django console I see this as <Object: Somename Somesurname>, on the template it is displayed as Somename Somesurname.

So do Django templates somehow strip spaces? Is there a filter I can use to get the name with its spaces?

Best Answer

Let me preface this by saying @DNS's answer is correct as to why the spaces are not showing.

With that in mind, this template filter will replace any spaces in the string with &nbsp;


{{ "hey there  world"|spacify }}

Output would be hey&nbsp;there&nbsp;&nbsp;world

Here is the code:

from django.template import Library
from django.template.defaultfilters import stringfilter
from django.utils.html import conditional_escape
from django.utils.safestring import mark_safe
import re

register = Library()

def spacify(value, autoescape=None):
    if autoescape:
    esc = conditional_escape
    esc = lambda x: x
    return mark_safe(re.sub('\s', '&'+'nbsp;', esc(value)))
spacify.needs_autoescape = True

For notes on how template filters work and how to install them, check out the docs.