ASP.NET CheckBoxList DataBinding Question


Is it possible to DataBind an ASP.NET CheckBoxList such that a string value in the data becomes the label of the check box and a bool value checks/unchecks the box?

On my webform I have a CheckBoxList like this:

<asp:CheckBoxList runat="server" ID="chkListRoles" DataTextField="UserName" DataValueField="InRole" />

In the code behind I have this code:

var usersInRole = new List<UserInRole> 
  new UserInRole { UserName = "Frank", InRole = false},
  new UserInRole{UserName = "Linda", InRole = true},
  new UserInRole{UserName = "James", InRole = true},

chkListRoles.DataSource = usersInRole;

I was kinda hoping that the check boxes would be checked when InRole = true. I've also tried InRole = "Checked". The results were the same. I can't seem to find a way to DataBind and automagically have the check boxes checked/unchecked.

Currently I solve the problem by setting selected = true for the appropriate items in the DataBound event. Seems like there's a cleaner solution just beyond my grasp.

Thank You

Best Answer

EDIT: There's no way to do this through the Markup. The DataValueField does not determine whether the checkbox item is check or not. It retrieves or stores the value to be used in postbacks. The DataValueField is common across CheckBoxLists, RadioButtonLists, ListControl, etc.

This is about the only way to pre-select the checkboxes as you already found out.

chkListRoles.DataSource = usersInRole;

foreach(ListItem item in chkListRoles.Items)
 item.Selected = usersInRole.Find(u => u.UserName == item.Text).InRole;
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