Best way to instantly mirror/sync files from Windows to Linux server


I have a directory on a Windows machine with a large number of files and folders that I need to watch and have the files mirrored/synced instantly (or as near to as possible), to a Linux machine over the local network.

I've investigated:
– Rsync, not realtime enough
– WinSCP 'Keep directories up to date' feature, which was OK but limited to 500 directories and the performance was pretty slow.

There are a bunch of results of shareware-style apps that claim to do this, but they are all pretty dubious looking. It seems there must be a good FOSS solution somewhere?

UPDATE: I'd be happy with a one-way transfer rather than a full sync, as long as it's instant and automatic.

Best Answer

I second eneset's proposal of the Unison software. Also if you care of looking for some alternatives Lifehacker has an interesting article on this subject