Ruby-on-rails – Can you get DB username, pw, database name in Rails


I'm writing a rake task that does some DB work outside of Rails/ActiveRecord.

Is there a way to get the DB connection info (host, username, password, DB name) for the current environment as defined in database.yml?

I'd like to get it so I can use it to connect like this…

con = Mysql.real_connect("host", "user", "pw", "current_db")

Best Answer

From within rails you can create a configuration object and obtain the necessary information from it:

config   = Rails.configuration.database_configuration
host     = config[Rails.env]["host"]
database = config[Rails.env]["database"]
username = config[Rails.env]["username"]
password = config[Rails.env]["password"]

See the documentation for Rails::Configuration for details.

This just uses YAML::load to load the configuration from the database configuration file (database.yml) which you can use yourself to get the information from outside the rails environment:

require 'YAML'
info = YAML::load("database.yml"))
print info["production"]["host"]
print info["production"]["database"]