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How can I create a New project & Solution in the same, existing , directory? No matter what I do, it keeps creating a new (sub)directory for the project and populating that directory instead of the one(s) that already exist. I have the "Create directory for Solution" checkbox cleared so that it will put the solution an dproject in the same folder and not create a solution folder, but it still keeps making the project sub-folder.

How can I fix this?!?

This has bugged me for a long time, but I've been able to ignore it or work-around it up until now. But now it is kicking my butt productivity-wise on my customer project and I need to fix it. thanx… RBarryYoung

(Note: This is VS2005, Team Edition for Software Developers)

Best Answer

From Visual Studio, if you have no solution open, you can select

File->New->Project From Existing Code

Select the project type

Put the directory you want the solution and project file to be in as the "Project file location" field.

Finish the wizard and you'll have a project file and solution file in the same directory.

If the "Project from existing code" option is not available

Make a custom keyboard shortcut, toolbar button or menu item by using the customization features of VS.


Select the "Keyboard" button to add a keyboard shortcut or select the "Command" tab to add a toolbar button or menu item. The command you are looking for is:

File->New Project From Existing Code

Assign whatever keyboard shortcut or drag an icon to whichever menu/toolbar you want.