Django and fieldsets on ModelForm


I know you can specify fieldsets in django for Admin helpers. However, I cannot find anything useful for ModelForms. Just some patches which I cannot use. Am I missing something? Is there a way I could achieve something like fieldsets without manually writing out each field on my template in the appropriate tag.

I would ideally like to iterate through a set of BoundFields. However, doing something like this at the end of my ModelForm:

    fieldsets = []
    fieldsets.append(('Personal Information',
                      [username,password,password2,first_name,last_name,email]),) # add a 2 element tuple of string and list of fields
    fieldsets.append(('Terms & Conditions',
                      [acceptterms,acceptprivacy]),) # add a 2 element tuple of string and list of fields

fails as the items contained in my data structure are the raw fields, not the BoundFields. t looks like BoundFields are generated on the fly… this makes me sad. Could I create my own subclass of forms.Form which contains a concept of fieldsets (even a rough one that is not backward compatible… this is just for my own project) and if so, can you give any pointer? I do not want to mess with the django code.

Best Answer

I think this snippet does exactly what you want. It gives you a Form subclass that allows you to declaratively subdivide your form into fieldsets and iterate through them in your template.

Update: that snippet has since become part of django-form-utils

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