Do I have a way to check the existence of a directory in Ant (not a file)


How do I check for the existence of a folder using Ant?

We can check the existence of a file, but can we do the same for a folder as well?

Best Answer

You use the available task with type set to "dir".

For example:

<available file="${dir}" type="dir"/>

The standard way to do conditional processing is with the condition task. In the example below, running doFoo will echo a message if the directory exists, whereas running doBar will echo a message unless the directory exists.

The dir.check target is required by both doFoo and doBar, it sets the dir.exists property to true or false depending on the result of the available task. The doFoo target will only run if that propery is set to true and doBar will only run if it is not set or set to false.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<project name="test" default="doFoo" basedir=".">
  <property name="directory" value="c:\test\directory"/>

  <target name="doFoo" depends="dir.check" if="dir.exists">
    <echo>${directory} exists</echo>

  <target name="doBar" depends="dir.check" unless="dir.exists">
    <echo>${directory} missing"</echo>

  <target name="dir.check">
    <condition property="dir.exists">
      <available file="${directory}" type="dir"/>

Antelope provides additional tasks, including an If task that can make the processing simpler (and to me, more intuitive), you can download the Antelope tasks from the download page.