How to configure the TortoiseSVN ‘Global ignore pattern’ properly


I would like TortoiseSVN (1.5.3) to ignore certain folders, their contents and certain other files wherever they might appear in my directory hierarchy but I cannot get the global ignore string right.

Whatever I do, it either adds to much or ignores too much

What is the correct 'Global ignore pattern' to ignore….

Folders : bin obj release compile 
Files   : *.bak *.user *.suo 

Update: To help clarify… yes I am using this on windows.

Best Answer

Currently I have the following in my Global Ignore Pattern:

bin obj CVS .cvsignore *.user *.suo Debug Release *.pdb test.* Thumbs.db

Works really well to ignore several hidden or temp files/folders....

So for your specific requirements:

  • Folders: bin obj release compile
  • Files: *.bak *.user *.suo

I would use:

bin obj release compile *.bak *.user *.suo