How to do number formatting to 1 decimal point in SSRS


I have a SSRS report with full of number fields. I would like to have that to be displayed as in one decimal. i tried to use F1. it gives me only one decimal points in html rendering, but in excel exported version it shows 2 decimal points.
How can i have just one decimal point both ecxel and html rendering.

Please comment.
Thanks in advance

Best Answer

Use N1 as your Format Property setting. N denotes Numeric formatting, the 1 denotes the number of decimal places, so N2 would give you 102.02, for example. This should carry to excel as it is rendered in html.

Alternatively, you could use the format code #,##0.00, which will give you the thousands separator and two decimal places. '#' indicates optional characters, whilst '0' indicates mandatory characters (nulls will be replaced by '0.00').

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