How to stop Filezilla changing the linebreaks


I'm downloading a perl CGI file from a Linux web server.

It has Unix linebreaks. I edit it on a Windows PC with a decent text-editor (Geany) which preserves those linebreaks.

I then upload it again with Filezilla and it has DOS linebreaks, which stop it working.

I know it's Filezilla, not Geany because even if I just download it, and re-upload it, the problem recurs.

Filezilla asks me, every time, if I'm OK to upload the local file (3611) bytes and overwrite the remote file (3753 bytes), and the difference between those numbers is the number of lines in my file. But when I do that, the one on the server is 3753 bytes all over again and doesn't work.

I'm going through a proxy server, might that be a factor? The really weird thing is I did the same thing on a different XP PC just the other day and it was fine. And command-line FTP works fine too.

Best Answer

In FileZilla 2.2.32, go Edit > Settings > File transfer settings > ASCII/Binary. Set it to always binary: that should do the trick.

In FileZilla 3.5.0 the setting is in Edit > Settings > Transfers > File Types > Default transfer type > Binary.

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