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Has anybody successfully configured Teamcity to monitor, extract, and build from GitHub?

I can't seem to figure how where and how to configure the SSH keys for Teamcity. I have Teamcity running as a system service, under a system account. So where does Teamcity stash its SSH configuration?


To get this to work, I needed to stop the agent from running under a system account.

Best Answer

Ok... I got this to start working on my Windows server. Here are the steps I took to configure TeamCity 4.5 Professional:

  1. Downloaded the JetBrains Git VCS Plugin
  2. Copied the downloaded zip file to .BuildServer\plugins
  3. In the Administration > Edit Build Configuration > Edit VCS Root configuration screen, I selected "Git (JetBrains)"
  4. Entered my Clone Url from the GitHub project page
  5. Set for authentication method "Default Private Key" -- this is IMPORTANT
    1. The TeamCity BuildAgent should be running as a standard user, with the SSH installation configured properly for that user.
    2. Follow the GitHub SSH directions for SSH configuration
  6. Leave the username blank. This should already be provided for in your GitHub clone URL