Setting the SVN “execute” bit in a Subversion repository using TortoiseSVN or command line SVN

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I've got an open-source app that is hosted at It is cross platform ( Linux / Windows / Mac ). I uploaded the code initially from a WinXP machine using TortoiseSVN and it seems that none of the "configure" batch files that are used for the linux build have their "execute" bits set.

What would be the easiest way to set these for the files that need them? Using TortoiseSVN would be easier, I suppose, but if that can't be used, then I could also use the command line SVN on my linux machine.

Best Answer

Here's how to do it on the command line:

for file in `find . -name configure`; do
  svn ps svn:executable yes ${file}

Or for just one file (configure is the filename here):

svn ps svn:executable yes configure