.net – Tool Comparison: Visual Assist X and Resharper


.NET developers out there! Need your opinion here!

I am now using Visual Assist X, a decent piece of software, indeed. But the .NET bloggers seem to prefer Resharper more. I might want to consider a switch over, but before that I want your guys opinion first.

Best Answer

Resharper is much better for C# code (and supposedly VB.Net, but I haven't tried that). Unfortunately there is no support for C/C++, so if you need that, you might want to keep Visual Assist around.

They don't coexist very well, unfortunately, so you may need to unload one, then load the other, when switching between C/C++ and C#.

To see the magic of Resharper, I would recommend watching the "Resharper Jedi" video.